Prof Victor Doncel

Victor Rodriguez Doncel

Associate Professor, Ontology Engineering Group (OEG), Artificial Intelligence Department, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Guest Speaker


Victor is an Associate Professor in the Artificial Intelligence Department of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. He also lectures at the Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania.

He teaches Artificial Intelligence Law & Ethics, Logic, Probability, Web Science and Advanced Semantic Technologies.

He is is a researcher on semantic web applied to the legal domain.

In 2019, he organised JURIX , the conference of reference for Law and Informatics in Europe.

He is an Open Data Institute (ODI) certified trainer and an editor of 6 (six) International Standards and W3C Recommendations in the subject domain.

Victor is currently directing the folLowing PhD Thesis:

  • Navas-Loro, M. Representation, Identification and Processing of Temporal Expressions and Events in Legal Documents. Codirectors: V. Rodríguez, A. Gómez.
  • Martín-Chozas, P. Terminological Resources as Linguistic Linked Data in the Legal Domain. Codirectors: E. Montiel, V. Rodríguez.
  • Esteves, B. Digital Representation of Consent Forms and Privacy Terms. Director: V. Rodríguez.
  • Saniei, R. Privacy Enhancing Semantic Technologies supporting GDPR compliance. Director: Rodríguez, V.
  • Zichichi, M. Location privacy and inference in online social networks.Codirectors: Ferretti, S., Rodríguez-Doncel, V.